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Bio: Dump truck trailer
Product introduction
Dump truck trailer engine, chassis and cab construction and general truck the same.
High-pressure oil through the distribution valve, tubing into the lift cylinder, cab front cab safety guard.
The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. The hydraulic tipping mechanism of the compartment is composed of a fuel tank, a hydraulic pump, a distribution valve, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a control valve and an oil pipe.

As the loading compartment can be tilted automatically dump a certain angle, which greatly saves the unloading time and labor, shorten the transport cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce transportation costs, is commonly used transport vehicles.

Maintenance tips
1, the dump truck trailer or overhaul the factory car must be commissioned to make the car lift the process without any movement.
2, the use of various parts should be the correct choice of lubricant according to the provisions, greatly saving the unloading time and labor, lifting agencies to replace oil strictly on schedule.
3, according to the rated load shipment, non-overload.Dump Semi Trailer suppliers
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