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Bio: Zigbee Wireless Communication Mode
Zigbee wireless communication mode can be used in street light, solar light and also industrial light for realizing smart control, to save energy.
1. Wireless communication mode, no additional lines of communication, can save the construction cost of
2. Client communication nodes have relay function, communication has high stability and long transmission distance
3. Communication is not affected by the power wiring and communication across the transformer
4. With a single lamp dimming control, loop switch control, electricity information collection, fault alarm, the task Settings and other functions
ZIGBEE street light concentrator SEMS-CC08W
1. 4-way switch signal output (8A/250V relay output), which can be used for loop control;
2. 4 channel switch signal input (dry node input);
3. Two-channel 0-5v analog quantity collection;
4. Real-time data collection of three-phase current, voltage, power, electric energy, power factor, frequency and harmonic analysis, etc.; the sampling level reaches 0.5s and the electric energy reaches 1.0s;
5,. built-in GPRS module /CDMA module and 10/100m Ethernet, customers can choose the appropriate way to connect with Ethernet according to the actual needs
6. The built-in RS232 communication interface and RS485 communication interface can be used with other devices conveniently
7. The built-in power carrier communication module can communicate with the terminal directly through the power line, control the switching and dimming of the terminal, and collect the state and power data.
8. Online programmable maintenance technology can be used to update and upgrade programs through GPRS, network, serial communication port and other means
9. The product conforms to most industry standards with stable and reliable performance
10. beautiful appearance, generous structure, shell material flame retardant, anti - ultraviolet, earthquake, dust, moisture, protection grade up to IP51
ZIGBEE single light terminal controller SEMS-RTU09CWE/A
ZIGBEE NEMA connector single light controller SEMS-RTU09CWN
1. The product supports both PLC and RF433 communication modes
2. Equipped with remote switch function, the internal relay contact capacity is up to 16A, and it supports switching on and off lights through zero
3. Remote dimming function, PWM/ 0-10v simultaneous output or DALI dimming output
4. Remote current, voltage and power acquisition
5. Capable of monitoring the status of lamps and lanterns remotely and actively reporting fault information
6, with remote upgrade function
7. It has the function of automatically cutting off the output power supply with overvoltage protection (it can be set to enable and protect the threshold).
8. International general ac input range (up to 305VAC)
9. The protection grade is IP65, which can be used in dry/wet/rain-soaked environment
10. The lightning protection grade is >4KV, which can be used in outdoor thunderstorm environment
11. Rfid-based UID transcription deployment and asset management function (customization)
12. Automatic positioning and deployment function based on GPS (customization)
13. Self-running function of terminal (customized)
14. Lamp pole tilt detection and alarm function (customized)
15. Lamp pole leakage detection and alarm function (customized)
16. Lamp temperature detection and alarm function (customized)
17. Detection and alarm function of light fixture cover opening (customized)
optional modules
Light collector
SEMS_LUXALL8DIDO extension module
SEMS-8DidoElectric meter testing extension module
Anti-theft extension module
SEMS - FD06Guard against theft terminal
SEMS - RTU - FDSmart Street Light Made in China
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